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Desmanche e Empilhamento
Dismantle and Stacking

Desmanche e Empilhamento (Dismantling and Stacking) are the keys to what we see. The artist works with boxes, mainly cardboard, covered with schematic drawings (cubes) made with thick red lines. These are cubes that disentangle cubes.

       First, a car on the street is covered with disassembled cardboard boxes, painted with lines that extend to the street. By the sidewalk, Desmanche seems like a toy that grew, a toy that awaits a cartoon character to come and drive it out running. At the same time, the lines rebuild a different layout to cover up the car. Car, cardboard, and drawing unravel one in the other, while the street and sidewalk leave in doubt the possibility that it may take off.

        Empilhamento (Stacking) uses the same strategy, but with wholly built boxes, the drawings build more active volumes when stacked. The action adds to the blocks, and it activates the design.

     Two opposite actions define the work: without having a clear beginning or end, the artist extends to the sides, deconstructing the space with peculiar and ironic cubism. 


Carlito Carvalhosa

Espaço FURNAS Cultural, Río de Janeiro, Brazil, 20 October 2007
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