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I go out in the neighborhood in my daily search for poetic fragments. I look upfront and see a small box from a distance. I get closer and measure it with my eyes. On every side and spot I read, I am touched by a printed word on it: “FABULOSO” (FABULOUS). This word touches me deeply. I get even closer, and there in that spot, in that empty corner, we both engage in a discovery dialogue. What fascinates me the most is that it is there just being, abandoned, fragile, motionless, but at the same time robust, proud, uttering its apotheotic sentence. I turn it around two or three times. At that moment, she becomes one of the Parthenon’s columns, a Byzantine mosaic or a Carrara marble block.


Fabulous: from the Latin word “fabulosous”. 1. That belongs to the world of fables and legends or fantasy. Syn: fantastic, fictional, imagined, legendary, mythical. “So extreme that it is hard to believe, like a fable”, absurd, incredible, implausible.


Absurd and mythical, these two words are very appropriate for this encounter. I looked around, but there was nobody there. The word had already taken upon my body. My spirit simultaneously took me into an overwhelming ecstasy of greatness and terror. I feel fragile, floating inside an empty cardboard ying-yang. Slowly I get closer to the object – more and more – I dare stretch my arms, and with care and respect, I take it. Let’s see!


La Buena Estrella, Mexico City, Mexico, 05 May 2017

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