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Caramujo Man
Snail Man

Caramujo Man / Snail Man is a project that started in March 2010 with a collaboration between Alê Souto and the Swedish artist Robert Brecevic. They met in Oaxaca, Mexico, where they conceived the project's first edition for an exhibition in Rio de Janeiro. This first phase included the sculptural object of Souto and a video by Brecevic.
         The project's second phase is the nomadic accompaniment of Caramujo Man with the artist in his travels. He places it in specific places of the places he visits and registers the people's reactions and interactions with the piece.
This project questions and presents the universal archetype of the foot combined with the paths and directions selected by these "anonymous characters" of the great cities. Housing and transit are suggested as the ironic and sinister imitation of the desire to be a mobile object, a "person/house" that allows the possibility of wandering.

Galería Casa Lamm, Mexico City, Mexico, 16 March 2019
La Curtiduría, Oaxaca, Mexico, 26 July 2010
Museo MACAY, Mérida, Mexico, 20 May 2010
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