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How do we relate to what is strange, foreign, or to others? How do we live the experience of meeting new cultures? Who has never felt a bond with foreign cultures? Why do we constantly search for what is different?
         When I see Alê Souto’s work, I can find some personal answers to these questions. With his vision of what is foreign, I learn more about myself. The works speak of the individual from a universal point of view, narrating stories that belong to the collective memory. He combines symbols of different cultures, juxtaposing opposite images that stand on the same level, which creates a symbolic relationship among them that is very close.
         This juxtaposition of images takes us to understand a concept-filled world, where we can recognize the role of economics in the world and, simultaneously, a level of adaptation and change that cultures have suffered by interacting with each other.
         Alê Souto makes us learn about this collective memory of the image-charged contemporary world.

Héctor Espinosa
HUMA Art Projects, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 18 April 2013
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