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Retirante do tráfego cósmico
The immigrant of cosmic traffic

The galaxies contain variables of the systems, stellar groups, and interstellar clouds. Among these objects, an immigrant goes by hostile and kind environments. It is believed that these are the active nuclei of the galaxies; they disseminate like ringworms or an overflown river. The intergalactic space is filled with a faint gas that has a médium density to cover a man’s body. It only requires that it hits the man’s abdomen; it only requires that it has the depth of its own hunger.
         Immigrant Severino, the sea of our conversations needs to be fought; there are probably over 190 thousand million galaxies in the observable world. The red sun was born further away, in the highest cliff of the rainforest’s foliage, the cicadas, the Milky Way is on its way to cannibalize Sagittarius’s dwarf elliptical Galaxy and Canis Major’s dwarf Galaxy. Still, in another experience, it holds on tight, thinking about the coming merry Christmas.

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