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El éxtasis del oro negro
Black Gold Ecstasy

The Gold Rush automatically transports us to the old west, the land of opportunity of 19th Century America, as if this was a historical fact limited to a specific date, population, and territory. Nevertheless, the gaze of this Brazilian artist reconsiders the perception of “the American Dream” as an equivalent of this Gold Rush to place it in current history in a space with no boundaries.
      Within the compact compositions, we can find the play of the universe of consumption.
All sorts of natural and monetary resources dignify, make equal, and bring justice to humankind, while backstage, we find the few with a higher hand to play in this game. This is how everyday consumer goods play with their variables and players, knowing that we are all part of this game.

Dyan Del Rivero
Galería X Espacio, Mexico City, Mexico, 27 July 2016
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